Hi, I'm Loraine Yow.

I'm a post-bac Accounting student at Portland State University who loves Excel, data analysis, and all things finance.

This is a mid-career pivot for me, a decision I made after falling in love with the logic of accounting at the beginning of 2023. It suits my meticulous, highly organized heart in a way that being an illustrator never did.

I'm on track to be CPA-eligible by the spring of 2025 and I plan on starting my Accounting career in public accounting, specializing in tax.

Captain's Log

Or, “ The story of why I decided to pivot from illustrating to accounting.”

Dec 31, 2023

Or, “How I was Doing Bookkeeping Wrong (and You Might Be Too.)”

Apr 4, 2023

Get in touch at loraine@loraineyow.com