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My name is Loraine Yow

I love organizing complex information and building efficient workflow systems.

I'm also a big fan of spreadsheets and Accounting principles.

  • Political Science, 
    Bachelor of Science

  • 7 years experience as a Visual Communication Specialist


I am currently starting a post-baccalaureate degree in Accounting at Portland State University.

This is a mid-career pivot for me— a decision I made after unexpectedly falling in love with accounting while taking an online course earlier this year. It suits my Excel-loving, data analyst heart in a way that being an illustrator never did.

I’m still in discovery mode, trying to figure out how I want to specialize in accounting or if I want to switch to an MSF instead. There’s a certificate for Business Analysis that’s part of PSU’s MSF program that is calling my name.

I’m looking to talk to people who can make a strong argument for any one of these options. If you know of anyone who would be good for me to talk to, please let me know!

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