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Loraine Helen Yow.

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Informative Illustrator

I turn complex ideas into user-friendly visuals. Let me help you explain your ideas to your audience!

Powered by a deep knowledge base in business strategy, behavioral psychology, and visual communications.  

I have seven years of experience and I work with both individual clients and businesses in the tech and educational fields.


These have included organizations such as Qualcomm, Zapier, Stanford, and the City of Portland.


Most Popular by Client Demand

I've worked on over 400 projects, and these are the top categories! 

photorealistic headshot drawing by Loraine Yow

Portraits that makes a good impression online


Scenarios for product development and guides


Diagrams that show entire systems in a glance

whiteboard style cartoon for blog posts

Cartoons that draw  subscribers to your content


How I Work

These priorities epitomize how I prefer to operate. 


Some of My Favorite Projects

I love working on projects where I learn new things, help other people learn things, or make someone smile. 


What My Clients Say About Me

It is my top priority to make sure each client is delighted by their experience with me.


Ways to Contact Me

Email me, I'm happy to answer your questions at any time

Or if you have the time and want to give me more details about your project, here's my new project questionnaire:

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