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Hi, I'm Loraine 

I'm a data-obsessed spreadsheet enthusiast and accounting nerd.


I love organizing complex information into clean and functional systems.

(This explains why I love accounting principles!)

Previously my career, this superpower has been used to design informative illustrations and data-driven stories.

I am currently working on a major pivot to the field of business analysis, with a focus on data and finance.

2019 MAR

Discovered Airtable and fell deeply in love 

2020 APR

Discovered YNAB fell deeply in love

with zero-based budgeting.

2002 MAY

Graduated from Northern Arizona University

  • Bachelor of Science in Political Science

  • Minor in Economics.

2016 NOV

Began freelancing as a tech & health illustrator.

  • Quickly earned a Top-Rated ranking on Upwork.

2022 OCT

Began Microsoft's Power BI course

  • More tingly feelings. Started to consider becoming a data analyst. 

2023 FEB

Took an online course on accounting principles.

  • Had a profound moment of enlightenment when I started to see how financial statements feed into one another.

2023 APR

Completed Intuit Academy's Bookkeeping course & exam.

  • Several more heart flutters were had when learning about how the matching principle works.

2023 APR

Officially decided to pivot to a finance-focused data career.

  • In retrospect, the signs all pointed here. 

  • Being successful and technically proficient as an illustrator delayed the realization that I did not enjoy the work itself.

  • It took the act of actually falling in love with something to realize this.


Most Popular by Client Demand

I've worked on over 400 projects, and these are the top categories! 

photorealistic headshot drawing by Loraine Yow

Portraits that makes a good impression online


Scenarios for product development and guides


Diagrams that show entire systems in a glance

whiteboard style cartoon for blog posts

Cartoons that draw  subscribers to your content


How I Work

These priorities epitomize how I prefer to operate. 


Some of My Favorite Projects

I love working on projects where I learn new things, help other people learn things, or make someone smile. 


What My Clients Say About Me

It is my top priority to make sure each client is delighted by their experience with me.


Ways to Contact Me

Email me, I'm happy to answer your questions at any time

Or if you have the time and want to give me more details about your project, here's my new project questionnaire:

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