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Cartoon Avatar

Fun & Friendly


    • Get a fun cartoon of yourself to use as your profile pic!

    • Work with an expert illustrator who has a genuine desire to make sure your best self shines through.

    • Perfect for personal profiles or a more casual look than a headshot. (Teams of 4 or more get a 15% discount.)


One cartoon illustration of your portrait, in full color with a white or solid color background of your choice.


1-2 days per person


• Includes a How to Take a Great Reference Photo cheat sheet

• 3 opportunities for edits

• Teams will get an intake form for easy reference photo uploading and to submit special requests

• Team coordinators will get a link to a live dashboard of the entire group's progress

• Final files delivered in jpeg format for social media profiles and also as a full-sized png file

How the Process Works:
Loraine Yow_project timeline_avatars_2022 10 17.jpg

Start here 

This button will take you to a general questionnaire that will get you on the waiting list. The average wait time is about a week, and I will email you with a more precise estimate. 


Once we establish a project timeline that works for you, I'll send you a payable invoice so we can secure your spot in line. I'll also send you a welcome packet that includes a copy of this project roadmap, and for teams I'll add a link to a shared Google Drive for all the final files. 

I'll also collect some info about your expectations- are you wanting it to look as much like your photo as possible, or are you hoping for some improvements here or there? If you can communicate your wishes to me, I can make it happen! 

Your Reference Photo 

I need a clear, high-resolution image to work from. If you already have one, great! If you'd like to take a new pic, I'll provide you with a handy cheat sheet on how to best do that. 

Teams: I will set up an intake form that you can send to your team members, where they can submit their photos and any special requests. 

Creating the Avatar 

I get to work illustrating your avatar! 

Teams: I'll provide your project coordinator with a dashboard that updates in real-time with my progress through the set. This is especially handy for larger groups. 


You'll have three opportunities to request edits (although I usually get it right on the first try- have had lots of practice with these.) It's important to me that you're happy with it! 

Wrapping Things Up 

Once the final image is approved, I will send you a high-resolution file, as well as a smaller-sized one for social media use. And any other file formats that you need.

Have a more complex project in mind?
Need a different structure than the ones above?

I'd be more than happy to create a custom option that fits your needs!
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