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Complex Hand-Drawn Diagram/Infographic

Dense information doesn't have to look boring!


    • If your business relies on communicating explanations to people who can’t or won’t read a wall of text, you need me to turn that text into a fun diagram illustration.

    • I strategically design these diagrams for maximum clarity and visual enjoyability. They should be both informative and fun to look at.

    • Most frequently used for blog posts, books, and outreach materials.


One complex diagram (features a process with several steps or moving parts.)




• The process includes a first and second draft, each with 3 opportunities for revisions

• The final version also includes 3 opportunities for revisions

• Project collaboration happens in a Google doc with as many team members as you need to add

• The image will be created in the proper dimensions for its end use

How the Process Works:
Loraine Yow_project timeline_avatars_2022 10 17.jpg

Start here 

This button will take you to a questionnaire that will help me better understand your project and your brand. I'll then email you about my availability and a proposed project brief (unless you have one of your own.) 


Once the project brief is agreed upon, I'll send you a payable invoice so we can get started. I'll also send you a welcome packet that includes a copy of this project roadmap, a link to a shared Google doc where we'll discuss draft revisions, and a link to a shared Google Drive folder where you can upload any reference materials I'll need. 

First Draft 

I'll sketch a rough draft to establish the overall layout and composition, to make sure it matches what you had in mind. No details will be worked on at this stage, we're just blocking in a rudimentary blueprint and making sure everything fits, that the setup is working out. 

First Draft Revisions 

We'll refine the draft until it's to your liking. 

Second Draft 

Once the first draft is approved, I'll go over it to create a stronger second draft. Here we'll see a few of the finer details start to emerge and you can start to see how the final product might look. 

Second Draft Revisions 

You'll have 3 opportunities here to make any layout changes before we finalize. Sometimes the emergence of the smaller details reveals issues that weren't as obvious before and we can address those here. 

Final Version

All those drafts and draft edits mean that we're nearly there- all that's left is to go over the second draft with clean lines and solid color/grayscale (if applicable.) 3 minor adjustments are possible if anything needs to be tweaked.

Have a more complex project in mind?
Need a different structure than the ones above?

I'd be more than happy to create a custom option that fits your needs!
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