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<p class="font_8">I first create a design that incorporates the main colors of the brand palette, with carefully-matched colors/tones for the line work, the shading, and the background.<br>
I then send out an easy form for everyone on the team to submit their photos and special requests directly to me, so they don't all have to go through a coordinator. <br>
The coordinator gets a live dashboard of my progress through the entire project, which is handy for large teams.</p>

Illustrated Avatars & Realistic Headshot Portraits for Various Teams

Showcasing all three portrait styles that I do (cartoon, realistic, and stylized.) I've illustrated over 275 of these for various individuals and teams!

<p class="font_8">These clients all found me in their search for a freelance illustrator who worked in the style they wanted, and who understood the subject matter.<br>
I was given image ideas that ranged from vague to very specific, and in all cases, I was able to grasp where they wanted me to fill in the gaps and how.<br>
In addition to producing the illustrations, I also established a consistent style and color palette so that their blog or Substack would have a coherent visual identity too.</p>

Illustrated Diagrams and Cartoons for Tech/Business Articles and Books

These are cartoons and diagrams I've illustrated for various tech/business blogs. I've worked on over 150 of these!

<p class="font_8">The fonts and colors are always carefully chosen to match the overall tone of the sheet.</p>

Diagrams and Illustrations for Health/Medical Articles and Books

These are scenarios and diagrams I've illustrated for various medical blogs, books, and guides. I've illustrated over 260 of these!

<p class="font_8">I was given written scenarios to illustrate, along with the required text to feature, and both illustrated the cartoons and put everything together into a page layout. <br>
The fonts and colors are always carefully chosen to match the overall tone of the sheet.</p>

Illustrated Info Sheets for Family and Public Health Services

These are some informative handouts I've illustrated for various nonprofits and mental health organizations focused on family services. I'm often sought out for these for my friendly and inclusive cartoon style.

<p class="font_8">These were all issues that photographs couldn't quite solve, so they went looking for an illustrator with a style that fit their brand.<br>
I was able to take their written intructions/scenarios/product descriptions, and create clear and informative illustrations fit for each need.</p>

Product Illustrations: Instructions, User Stories, and Infographics

My realistic style works well in a variety of product-related applications like user stories, instruction manuals, product illustrations, and product infographics.

<p class="font_8">I was asked to illustrate the various concepts and scenarios in a hand-drawn style, which injects a sense of personality into the presentation and thus saves it from feeling generic and forgettable.</p>

Hand-Drawn Diagrams for Presentations

Sometimes a presentation needs a bit of fun to keep things interesting!

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