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Illustrated Avatars & Realistic Headshot Portraits for Various Teams

Showcasing all three portrait styles that I do (cartoon, realistic, and stylized.) I've illustrated over 275 of these for various individuals and teams!


The Problem:

Many of my clients are entire teams who were looking to improve the look of their website, and that included having a cohesive visual style for their About page. 

When they came to me, those pages all had selfies with inconsistent framing/lighting, or outdated headshot photos.

The Solution:

I first create a design that incorporates the main colors of the brand palette, with carefully-matched colors/tones for the line work, the shading, and the background.

I then send out an easy form for everyone on the team to submit their photos and special requests directly to me, so they don't all have to go through a coordinator.

The coordinator gets a live dashboard of my progress through the entire project, which is handy for large teams.

The Reaction

When I check in with each team member to see if there are any adjustments they'd like made, I'm often met with a lot of delight and appreciation. Those reactions always make my day!

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