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Attaining My QuickBooks ProAdvisor Certification

How I Prepared and What I Discovered in the Process

In This Post:

  • Me patting myself on the pack

  • What delighted me about the training

  • How software UX/UI shapes how you feel about your workday


It took me a month to complete all the training courses that Intuit provides to prepare you for the exam. I only had about 45 min per day to devote to this endeavor, but the entire project felt like it went quickly because I actually enjoyed it.

I passed the test, and I’m now a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor! It basically means I know my way around the QuickBooks software pretty well and am familiar with the basics of how to onboard clients and help them with some common issues.

My favorite part of the training was the resources they provide for onboarding clients— there’s an interactive spreadsheet that helps you determine which package best suits your client’s needs, and also several checklists. The extremely organized checklist nerd in me had heart eyes upon seeing these.

The other thing that had me very excited about the training was seeing how beautifully clean the software’s interface is, and also the workflows built into the Accountant side of it.

Good UX/UI that makes you delighted to use it is an absolute game-changer and directly affects how much you enjoy your workday. Software that is easy on the eyes and smooth to use produces a low-key delight, while the opposite creates a lot of friction and frustration. If 80% of your day involves interacting with it, these effects will stack up and end up having a significant influence on how you feel about your day overall, even though when pressed, it might not strike you as an obvious factor.

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