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I Finished Intuit’s Bookkeeping Course & Passed the Exam

This was legit fun for me

In This Post:

  • What Intuit’s Bookkeeping course is like

  • Some things I learned

  • Me patting myself on the back


The Bookkeeping Course

It took two months and a ton of video courses that I couldn’t play any faster than at 1x speed, but I finally did it- I finished Intuit Academy’s Bookkeeping Course today.

I actually enjoyed the entire course. It was a bit cheesy, but not terrible. I found it very informative, especially when they walked you through a few common bookkeeping scenarios that bookkeepers experience with small businesses.

I especially liked the video segments with actual bookkeepers because they would be like, “You’ll run into x situation a lot, and it’s best to make sure you do y when you see something like that.” Those felt like quickie mentor chats that were full of invaluable information. I took a lot of notes.

I also learned a ton about how to structure journal entries for various scenarios, how to code all the different kinds of expenses and assets in accordance with the matching principle, all the various accounts certain types of businesses should have in their chart of accounts, and some financial statement fundamentals.


Feeling Bold

After I completed the last lesson today, I said “I'm just going to go for it and take the test right now while a lot of it is fresh.” My original plan was to take the practice test first, but I was feeling it and just gave it a shot. I passed on the first try.

This is the first months-long Professional Development course that I stuck with for this long, and all the way through to the end. It’s significant that I didn’t lose interest halfway through and I feel like this is definitely something I could get into. This achievement feels particularly good, and I’m excited to keep pursuing this!

Behold the unremarkable badge you get upon passing the exam


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