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Loraine's User Guide

I'm easy to work with, but like every human, I have preferences that would either enhance or hinder a smooth working relationship. 

I find that knowing this information at the outset can supercharge collaboration, and I hope to learn the same things about you if you would be willing to share!

Best Use Cases
  • I am your secret weapon for anything that requires undistractable focus, meticulous attention to detail, and precision. 

  • I excel at tasks that require working with spreadsheets, databases, and organizing complex information. 

  • I'm most knowledgeable (and comfortable) in the fields of tech, economics, political science, and business strategy.

Tips for Best Results
  • Provide clear instructions. I can deliver, but I need to know exactly what.

  • Keep directives succinct and to the point.

  • Thoughtfulness is always noted and greatly appreciated.

  • Good-naturedness is another quick way to my heart!

  • Operates best in very quiet environments.

Preferred Communication Style

Friendly, considerate, and concise.

Preferred Communication Method

Ranked in order of preference:

  1. Email

  2. Slack

  3. Phone

  4. Zoom


Some things that may cause malfunction:

  • Brusque messages.

  • Ambiguous directions.

  • Tech aversion (either as company culture, personal preference, or approach to operations.)

  • Noisy or chaotic environments.

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